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Data Destruction in Los Angeles, CA

Eliminate theft of your electronic information by depending on our electronic waste recycling company for data destruction. We securely shred hard drives and other media devices that contain sensitive company data and information. Whether you manage a small business, a large corporation, or a government agency, you need reliable and secure electronic data destruction.

Don't let the private data stored on your old and outdated devices fall into the wrong hands. By permanently deleting data on electronic media devices, you can rest assured that your company's sensitive information remains safe and private. We offer electronic data destruction, degaussing, data-wiping, and archive destruction services within our secure facility.

It's important to make sure your sensitive data is never accessed again. In today's world, electronic storage devices make it easier to share and access information. Unfortunately, this same information can also be accessed by others if you don't choose the right company to do the job. Trade secrets, customer information, and classified data should only be available to you. By providing digital data destruction, we protect your interests and information. Use our services for all of the following additional reasons:

  • You need to minimize the risk of any data breaches.
  • You have a large amount of data to shred or delete.
  • You require a Certificate of Destruction.
  • Your company or organization must comply with privacy laws.
  • You want to free up your employees for other tasks, instead of data destruction.

Electronic data destruction does more than protect your company. It also protects your clientele. Data leaks have become more frequent and often create negative media attention. As a consequence, breaches of privacy damage not only the security of your data, but the trust you have built with your clients. It can also harm the integrity of your brand. Preserve the peace of mind of those you serve, and request our data destruction services. Whether you need to destroy physical storage media or overwrite data, our team provides customized service at reasonable rates.

Erasing Physical Media – The Definitive Form of Data Destruction

Storage media has become a facet of daily life. Tapes, cassettes, discs, and hard drives can all store information and data for later use. However, when placed in the wrong hands, these everyday items can be used for blackmail, identity theft, or worse.

Protect your peace of mind with our physical data destruction services. We use reliable degaussing methods on tapes and hard drives. As a result, the data stored on these media is rendered irretrievable and unusable. Degaussing is a thorough and irreversible way of eliminating data. This is especially useful for hard drives, as recycling companies will purchase old hard drives for their metals. As such, you are able to earn back money and protect your trade secrets with our degaussing service.

Think pressing the delete key is all there is to getting rid of data? Think again. Advances in technology have allowed users to recover data that has been rendered unusable by the operating system. This opens a security risk, especially when you throw out old hard drives or sell them to secondhand dealers without taking the necessary precautions. Our digital data destruction service ensures nobody can access files you have erased.

Save space and protect your data all at once. We use specialized digital data destruction procedures to ensure nobody can retrieve your old files. As a result, you can free up space on your hard drive with total confidence.

Lines of Code in Los Angeles, CA

Confidential Archive Destruction

Mitigate the risk of data theft and breaches with archive destruction. In addition to providing electronic waste recycling and destruction, we also shred documents that you are no longer required to keep. We create a customized data destruction program to reduce storage costs needed and make sure your sensitive data can never be accessed again. We'll then provide you with a Certificate of Destruction, if requested, once your items are destroyed.

Remember that “deletion” does not mean “destruction.” Ensure files and archives are rendered totally unusable and irretrievable. Our specially trained technicians have the knowledge and expertise to thoroughly dispose of data and electronic archives. No matter the size of your data, our team can perform total archive destruction within a sensible timeframe.

 Contact us today to request data destruction in Los Angeles, California. We proudly serve customers in Los Angeles, as well as San Diego, Anaheim, Ontario, and Long Beach, California.

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