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Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

The environmental, health, and safety policy was established to be appropriate to the nature, scale, environmental impacts and risks of the organization's activities and services in accordance with the scope of the EHSMS. Cal Micro is an electronic scrap and plastic recycling operation that has taken into consideration its significant environmental, health, and safety impacts and is committed to the prevention of pollution through continual improvement of its processes and environmental health and safety management system. 

Cal Micro's commitments to the Environmental Health & Safety Management System, applicable legal requirements are the core of ISO 14001:2004 standard, EPA Responsible Recycling Practices and the OHSAS 18001:2007 that is communicated to the public and to all persons working for or on behalf of the organization and under the control of the organization. Cal Micro's constant strive for excellence and continual improvement of EHSMS is demonstrated through meeting objectives & targets and by documenting, implementing and maintaining an EHSMS. Cal Micro's commitment to prevent injury and Ill health is demonstrated through safety meetings and active participation of workers in Hazard assessment.

Recycling Symbol in Los Angeles, CA

Cal Micro Recycling follows reuse, recover and dispose hierarchy throughout the recycling chain. Cal Micro Recycling accountable for hazardous waste throughout the recycling chain. Cal Micro Recycling makes every effort to avoid landfilling or incinerating focus materials. However, under certain economic and market circumstances, some focus materials may be landfilled or incinerated in accordance to applicable laws and regulations. This policy will be provided to the interested parties and is reviewed periodically. Any significant change in the operations will result in review of the policy.

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