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Secure Product Destruction Services in Los Angeles, CA

With the high level of security offered within our facility, combined with equipment to shred and destroy almost anything, Cal Micro Recycling can be your preferred solution provider for customized and secure product destruction services in Los Angeles, CA. Large corporations, manufacturers, and government agencies rely on us to safely and securely destroy a wide variety of material goods that cannot be resold to the public for various reasons. We provide absolute peace of mind that your product or merchandise will never return to the marketplace in any way.

In order to offer a more customized approach and truly reliable services, we like work directly with warehouse, logistics and purchasing departments. Together we can efficiently implement the proper solution that helps execute your goal. Whether you have a surplus of obsolete products, recalled defective goods, counterfeit merchandise, or outdated equipment, you can depend on us for proper and secure destruction solutions.

Equipment in Los Angeles, CA

Safe & Secure Destruction

Protect your company and rely on Cal Micro Recyling's secure product destruction services to cost  effectively eliminate unwanted and unsellable inventory, while ensuring that it will never be used by others. We offer secure destruction services for corporations, manufacturers, and government agencies. Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing your product or merchandise will never return to the marketplace.

Our entire facility houses over 30 surveillance cameras, and only authorized personnel can access our secured destruction and processing areas, with assigned keycard scanning.  Clients are welcome to witness the destruction of their product in person, or access an online portal to view the destruction process in real time.  A Certificate of Destruction can also be issued for client assurance and compliance reporting.

General Product and Electronic Product Destruction

We can help you eliminate a wide variety of sensitive products and materials the right way. As we are not just limited to electronic product destruction, we can handle all types of non-electronic products as well. For more than 10 years, we have proudly served many corporations, manufacturers, and government agencies. This is because We specialize inour capabilities reach far beyond just electronic product destruction. We can securely destroy just about all types of sensitive property. Which can all be confidentially reported and privately monitored.

Product Destruction Services by Certified Personnel

Is your company in need of product destruction services? Not sure who you can trust to handle such a high risk project?  Want to know more about what happens to your end-of-life product?  We can make it easy for you, by simplifying and customizing the process for each project, based on the product type and scope of work. Our efficient solutions and accurate reporting will ensure your satisfaction, and guarantee that all specific requirements are met.

Contact us to find out more about our affordable and secure product destruction services. We proudly serve customers in Los Angeles, San Diego, Anaheim, Ontario, and Long Beach, California, as well as the surrounding areas.

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